Who are we

Düotechnik is the result of experience and capacity, over 25 years dedicated to innovation and development in the field of maintenance. This makes us a modern and leading company in the sector.

Düotechnik is an expert in automatic transport, accumulation, dosage, elevation, special machinery and manipulation, whose experience and professionalism guarantee you.

In the implementation of projects, Düotechnik applies next-generation systems that exceed daily rates produccioón established.

Düotechnik performs all phases of design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of sinstalaciones, offering customers a comprehensive service.

Our clients have all the technical documentation that we incorporate into every installation and after-sales service to make, simply and effectively, preventive maintenance, thus obtaining a higher yield of the installation.

Düotechnik has a philosophy that is and will always meet the needs of their cleintes in the linked market daily change and expansion. To do this, we have the best means to provide solutions to any proposal before us arises.